Enjoyable hiking holidays in South Tyrol

Hike from farmhouse to farmhouse - Sonnenberg Schnals - Naturns

Katharinaberg (1.245 mt) - Unterperfl (1.450 mt) - Wand (1.459 mt) - Kopfron (1.436 mt) - Wald (1.505 mt) - Innerunterstell (1.470 mt) - Lint (1.464 mt) - Patleid (1.386 mt) - Unterstell (1.282 mt) - Sonnenberg cable-car or path no. 10 - Naturns (554 mt)

Take the public bus service to Katharinaberg in the Schnals valley and then start out along path no. 24, the Meraner Höhenweg, one of the most beautiful walks in the whole Alpine region. The Höhenweg is 110 km. in length and there are many paths leading up to it from various points along the valley. It is ideal for hiking any time from the end of June to October, general weather and snow conditions permitting, and a number of little guesthouses on or near the path offer bed-and-breakfast accommodation so that hikers can pace themselves and take as long as they like for the walk. This particular path leads you past Unterperfl, Wand, Kopfron and Innerunterstell to Lint where you then make your way down along path no. 10A to Unterstell. Then you can either take the Sonnenberg cable-car back to Naturns or path no. 10 and walk back to the village.

Time: 3 hours o the cable-car
Difference in altitude: 250 mt


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