Enjoyable hiking holidays in South Tyrol

Alpine Meadow Hike

Kreuzbrünnl (1.580 mt) - Naturnser Alm (1.910 mt) - Zetn Alm (Alt Alm 1.747 mt) - Kreuzbrünnl

Take the car to the Naturnser Nörderberg and leave it at the Kreuzbrünnl car-park then walk for approx. 1 hour to reach the high Alpine meadows of the Naturnser Alm where you'll be greeted by the delicious smell of tasty Bauerngröstl, a dish of fried meat and vegetable left-overs, something like English "bubble-and-squeak", or tempting Käseknödeln, tender, cheese-flavoured bread dumplings. Then, after a quick snack and little rest, you'll be ready to continue your walk along path A, which leads up through the shady woods of the Nörderberg to the Zetn Alm farmhouse, another place where good food awaits you! Why not try their delicious sweet Kaiserschmarrn, a fluffy omelette served with jam or fruit preserves, a slice of warm Apfelstrudel and perhaps a small glass of home-made Schnapsl to help the digestion! Then on along path no. 5A which leads back to the car-park. The perfect chance to sample some good, hearty food which the mountain farms and little Alpine huts in the Naturns area have to offer and we'll soon have you feeling like a real "Almen-Gourmet"! Path no. 30 would also take you from Naturns to the Kreuzbrünnl in about 2 1/2 hours, if you prefer.

Time: 2.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 300 mt


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