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Schnalser Waalweg - water irrigation path

Naturns (554 mt) - Staben - Sonnenhof (830 mt) - Schnalser Waalweg - Altratheis (844 mt) - Naturns

Take the public bus or the new Vinschgau train to Staben then path no. 11 which starts near the village church. Walk up towards the Sonnenhof farm and Juval Castle and then turn off onto the Schnalser Waalweg. The Vinschgau valley is famous for its Waalwege, gentle paths which border the old, earth-lined irrigation channels and stone or wooden conduits built by mountain farmers to carry water from fresh Alpine streams to their pastures, meadows and fruit orchards. You'll soon hear the delicate tinkling-sound of the little Wallschelle or clappers which reassures the Waaler, the men whose job it is to see that the flow of water continues unhindered by leaves or small branches which might fall into the channels and block them. The Waaler clean the channels and are responsible for their maintenance in general. The important little paths which follow the irrigation channels are well-marked and wll-maintained and are ideal for a gentle, comfortable little stroll at almost any time of the year. Path no. 3, the Schnalser Waalweg, leads past the Waalerhüttl, where the Waaler himself lives and keeps his tools, and then on past a number of Waalschelle clappers as far as Altratheis where you can catch a public bus back to Naturns.

Time: 3.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 400 mt


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